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Primus Gig Poster: Back Off, 2018


Commissioned by Primus exclusively for their May 10th, 2018 performance at the South Side Ballroom in Dallas, Texas. Colors may vary slightly; all sales final.

Main edition*

Seven color screen print on Warm White paper
Signed & numbered
Limited Edition of 200
Size: 24 x 18 inches / 61 x 45.7cm
Year: 2018

*Artist's note:
Due to an unfortunate printing mishap, the first 50 posters of the Main Edition had to be scrapped and re-printed. I took that opportunity to tweak the colors a bit and ended up changing five out of seven of them, some dramatically, as well as the paper stock from Bright White to Warm White. The result is almost a Variant unto itself in every way except that it's numbered as part of the Main Edition. Consequently, the Main Edition consists of 150 in the original colorway as presented at the South Side Ballroom, and 50 in the new colorway available here. I hope you enjoy them!

Mark Dean Veca
May 10, 2018